At the Milton Soccer Academy, our mission is to provide our players with the best possible environment to learn and improve their soccer skills, and to develop a lasting desire to play the game.

Fall/Winter indoor registration closes November 1st for both youth and adults. Read on…

Open Houses for ADP and Competitive players: If you missed them, contact the office for an individual assessment.

Drop-In Soccer: We offer organized drop-in soccer through PickupHub.net.  PickupHub.net is a great pay-per-play tool that makes pickups sports organized.  Simply create a free account and invite your friends to do the same.  Easily coordinate and track when everyone is playing.  Pickup has never been so easy and fun! Read on…

Adult Indoor Soccer League: Ready! 18 weeks at the Milton Dome. Divisions. Mobile app for scheduling and results. League Winner, Golden Boot and Best Keeper awards. Register your team or as an indy before November 1st. Read on…



Congrats to MSA youth alumni and current senior player Zach Boswell for winning OFSSA’s Character Athlete 2014 Award

MPP I. Naidoo-Harris speaks about our Club and its valuable volunteers in parliamentary session - MPP I. Naidoo-Harris



Milton Outdoor Soccer League 2015 (Adults)

Men Div 1 League Winner: AMSC             Ladies Div 1 League Winner: Forever Young

Men Div 2 League Winner: Sao Paolo       Ladies Div 2 League Winner: Black Magic

Men CUP Winner: AMSC                                        Ladies CUP Winner: Forever Young

Milton Indoor Soccer League 2015-16  (Adults)

Teams to Beat! 2014-15 Indoor League concluded with Milltown FC winning the league and the Cup, with SMT being the finalist. Likewise, The Strikers won the Ladies league and won the Cup. Runners-up were Forever Young.is in progress.  Both Cup finals were decided with Kicks from the Penalty Mark (aka shoot-out). Close games all around.


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