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2017 OSA, NCCP and Other Coaching Courses

Open to coaches from any club!


Mandatory courses for ALL competitive coaches; also mandatory for recreational coaches of the Milton Soccer Academy:

  • NCCP Make Ethical Decisions:
    • 3.5 hours class-room. $85.
    • 2017 dates: September 15, 22, 29
  • OSA Technical Courses: :
    • two-days practical and class-room. $275
    • Learn To Train: Sept 16-17, Sep 30-Oct 1
    • Soccer For Life: Set 23-24
  • 3% Visa processing fee will be added to payment
    • Avoid Visa fee by paying via eTransfer to Set password to OSACOURSE ; in description field, specify your name and course date.
  • Please read terms & conditions below before you pay
ALERT: For OSA technical courses, you MUST first register at OSA’s Coach Centre website for the course listed below. Then, you come back here and pay immediately in order to keep the spot (sorry – we don’t like this process either).

Coaching Courses

MED Course Dates

Terms & Conditions for NCCP and OSA courses:

Registration is not confirmed until payment has been received. First-come-first-served based on payment. Courses require a minimum of: 15 for OSA and 8 for NCCP courses. It is your responsibility to get an NCCP number ( We reserve the right to move participants into other courses dates (same course content) if demand requires. Absolutely NO REFUNDS unless we cancel a course. Read Refund Policy.

MSA Coaches

Coaching at the Milton Soccer Academy is done by soccer enthusiasts, who do it for the children and for the love of the game. All our senior and assistant coaches are trained and OSA certified.

We also accept Game Leaders/Team Managers for soccer enthusiasts who cannot commit to being a full coach but would like to be engaged by managing games only. Check what the requirements are for Game Leaders/Team Managers.

Click to see our Coach Code-of-Conduct .

Our coaching positions are as follows:

Club Head Coach assigns and assists all other coaches, suggests and organizes training programs for all.

Senior Coaches run and manage a team and see to it that our coaching objectives are met. Senior coaches must know soccer and display respect for your children. A bit of humour is required. They are your primary contact.

Apprentice Coaches assist the Senior Coach, but are there to learn our coaching approach by doing and observing. They’ll take over a team next season, after a peer review.

Assistant Coaches are qualified coaches that chose not to act as Senior Coaches (due to external reasons, such as work commitments).

Junior Apprentice Coaches are selected boys and girls from the older age groups that act as “big brothers and sisters” to the little ones. Their primary role is to help demonstrate drills, set up and clear equipment, and to make the little ones comfortable. It also should help these coaches with development of  leadership skills and responsibility, a sense of pride, and instil more love for the game.

How you can become a coach in our club:

1. Contact the Head Coach

2. Apprentice for one season with a senior coach (result: coach is trained)

3. Attend OSA coaching clinics (result: coach is certified)

4. Attend NCCP courses (result: coach is qualified)

If you are feeling the itch to coach, please call us. We are happy to explain to you the commitment and reward of coaching in our club.

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