Adult Individual Registration (INDY)

Adult Individual Registration

Individual adults (aka INDYs – those without a team), will register online as an individual player. We will make a new team, if enough individuals register (often referred to as INDY-ONE in their first season – they change their name in subsequent seasons once they bond).

If not enough players register to make a new team, we will attempt to place you with an existing team.

We attempt to honour friend requests (play you and your mate on the same squad).

If neither we can place you nor we have a complete team, you will be refunded the registration fee one week after season starts (this case has not happened yet :-).

INDY registration is available until May 15th. A $30 late fee applies thereafter. There is no pro rate for late registration. If you register as an INDY after registration deadline, you must make the office aware of your registration.

Indy fee: $220 MEN; $210 LADIES (for outdoor season)

For league details, please see the description on the Team page.

To sign up for an INDY team, click on Register


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