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Get quality products and support your club. We have quality equipment and apparel made for our club at reasonable prices for our players.

Item #PictureArticleDescriptionPrice
MSABPRMSA Back-pack in redMSA Club Back Pack - RedMSA BackPack for soccer players. Keep ALL you soccer essentials organized for a quick departure to the field. Place your uniform, water bottle, snacks inside, shoes and shin guards in outside mesh pockets; secure your ball in the back mesh. Has inside zipped pocket and key holder. Two padded straps keep it comfortable on your back when you walk to your game or practice. $45
MSABPBMSA Back-pack in blackMSA Club Back Pack - BlackSame as above, but with coloured logo on black.$45
MSAToRout of stockMSA Club Toque - knit fabric Black with 3 red stripes and MSA logo, this toque keeps your head warm and looks cool.$25
MSAToFMSA fleece toque in blackMSA Club Toque - fleeceBlack with red inside fleece and MSA logo. Most comfortable and warm.$25
MSACAPMSA Baseball cap in redMSA Club Baseball Cap - RedRed cap with adjustable strap and MSA logo.$30
MSATB3Club Training Ball Size 5MSA Club Training Ball - size 3 (for up to age 9)Quality training ball for 3-9 year old players. MSA logo and motto on ball.$10
MSATB4Club Training Ball Size 5MSA Club Training Ball - size 4Quality training ball for 10-12 year old players. MSA logo and motto on ball.$15
MSATB5Club Training Ball Size 5MSA Club Training Ball - size 5Quality training ball for 13-18 year old players. MSA logo on ball.$18
MSAGB5Club Game BallMSA Club Game BallGame ball for recreational league play$50
MSAMB5FIFA quality Match BallMSA FIFA Quality Match BallBest ball for senior/competitive players$125
MSASHRTMSA Club T-ShirtHigh quality T-Shirt in red with white club logo and trade mark slogan$12
BMOTCKTBMO ticketWomen National: CAN-US June 2, 2013 4:30PM BMO field. Lower Level 106-109SOLD OUT

To order and purchase, log into your profile and click through to the shopping list. We will have the article ready for you the next time you come to the pitch. You can also come to the office to pick the product up. Kindly send us a quick email to let us know that you purchased this online and we will get on it right away.

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