About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our players with the best possible environment to learn and improve their soccer skills, and to develop a lasting desire to play the game.


We believe that a player has more “fun” in soccer when s/he knows how to play the game. To this extend, we have certain age-related objectives. For example, a very young player will need to learn how to kick the ball without using his/her toes, while an older player needs to understand set plays and tactics.
We believe that soccer is a sport that should be played well into the senior years because of its physical and social benefits. For this, our objective is to instil in a player the desire to play this game by making him/her competent on the field and show players how to deal with the various personalities found on a team.


We are proud of former MSA youth player Matthew Roberts for earning his first contract with Swansea FC in the English Premier League! Well done – you deserve it!

Congrats to MSA youth alumni and current senior player Zach Boswell for winning OFSSA’s Character Athlete 2014 Award

MPP I. Naidoo-Harris speaks about our Club and its valuable volunteers in parliamentary session – MPP I. Naidoo-Harris



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