Advanced Development Program (ADP) and Competitive Groups


The ADP program’s main objective is to provide a performance-based development environment for players to reach their competitive competencies by the time they turn 13 or 14 years old.

The Competitive program’s main objective is to make players game smart, build physical and mental attributes required to excel.


The MSA adheres to the OSA’s Long-term Player Development (LTPD) Matrix for ages U6-U12, with adjustments as necessary to accommodate the behavioural development of participants as well-rounded individuals in a team-based environment.

Participants in the ADP program are committed on a long-term basis and train year round. The Club commits to the participant’s development by providing the best possible learning environment through qualified and educated coaches, proper indoor and outdoor training facilities, special equipment and participation in sanctioned leagues.

Players in the Competitive stream train in a 3:1 practice to game ratio plus physical training.


ADP groups play games (no standings, no promotion/relegation) against ADP groups from other clubs in our district association, in order to implement what they practice and train. These games are played on Saturdays, except on long week-ends.

Older ADP groups (U11 and U12) add a physical training session to their soccer development sessions.

During the outdoor season, U8 – U12 groups participate in the Peel Halton Development League (PHDL); during the winter session, U9-U12 groups participate in the Hershey Sport Zone Indoor soccer league (HSZISL). U8s will train and play exhibition games at our facility. The game format is 5v5 for U8s, 7v7 for U9-10s, 9v9 for U11-12s.

Competitive teams participate in the South Region Soccer League (SRSL) during the summer and the HSZISL during the winter, either playing 6v6 or 11v11 formats.


Our coaches are soccer players who volunteer their time to the MSA. They have been apprenticed for a minimum of 8-10 weeks alongside a senior coach, assessed by peers, and then put through the appropriate OSA technical courses. In addition, all coaches provide a Volunteer Screening certificate from the police, attend the Make Ethical Decisions course and complete the Respect In Soccer self-study curriculum. As members of the Club, coaches have the ability to participate in weekly continuing education sessions during the fall and winter months, hosted by our CLub Head Coach.


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