The Milton Soccer Academy follows the Discipline Policies and Procedures Rules set out by the Ontario Soccer Association. These Policies and Procedures can be found on the OSA website in the OSA Policy Section 9.0 Discipline.

Under the MSA Discipline Process all registered members, players and team officials can be charged. The Milton Soccer Academy will investigate all discipline complaints filed in writing. Anonymous complaints will not be considered.

Misconduct can be reported by anyone and complaints should be emailed to the Director of Discipline, or a delegate, within 90 days of the alleged incident. Milton Soccer Academy is required to commence action with 30 days.

For those discipline cases which fall under the Discipline By Review policy of the Ontario Soccer Association, the accused has the right to request that his/her case be dealt with under the Discipline By Hearing System. This request for a hearing must be received within three(3) days of receiving the dismissal and must be accompanied by the “Request for Hearing Fee” in the amount determined by the Rules & Regulations of the Club.


Discipline involving youth require a guardian to be present during the hearing.

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