Mini and Youth Player Picture Day

Picture Day for Summer 2013 is on Sunday June 9th, 2013 at the Milton Soccer Centre. Parking and entrance is at the rear of the facility. Please follow this procedure to have a smooth picture event:

  1. Pack some water
  2. Dress your child in uniform
  3. Do not feed your child thereafter or it may end up in the picture
  4. Print out the order form and fill it out at home. Note that the club has pre-paid a composite package for you, but you still need to fill it out and submit or the photographer won’t know who it is for.
  5. Read the Photo Day Schedule and arrive 5 minutes earlier; 15 minutes if you intent to order other packages
  6. Parents of U4s to U8s: Be patient and let it go! If your child doesn’t want to smile or sit up or otherwise is not into the event, do not sweat it. Rudy and staff are excellent with kids, but if they do not want to, do not make them.

Pick-up soccer for U12 to Adults

Drop-In programs resume September 21.

We would like to host more drop-in programs – tell us when you and your friends would come (Mondays to Fridays 11PM-midnight? Sunday evenings 7PM onward?

This is co-ed, so men are as welcome as women. Teams are made up at the spot and pinnies are available. Choice of regular ball or futsal ball.

Bocce Ball & Lawn Bowling League for Seniors

Starting October; ends in May: Every Tuesdays and Thursday from 1PM-3PM at the Milton Soccer Centre for 16 weeks.

Teams of 2 or 4 will be made up at game day.

Player lounge accessible from field for coffee and snacks.

$90 for 16 weeks or $7 per session.

Registration: None required. Simply come and we will collect your phone number and email address the first time you patronize our facility.

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