Refund Policy

Refund Policies

(scroll down for COVID specific refund terms)

For Camps/Clinics/Events:

There is a $30.00 administration fee if the registered user wishes to cancel a camp/clinic/event. If a written cancellation, using the MSA Refund Form, is received by the office 14 days or more prior to the start of the camp/clinic/event, a refund, less the $30.00 administration fee (per booking), will be provided. If a cancellation is made to the registration office less than 14 days prior to the camp/clinic/event start date, consideration will be only given to either switching weeks of camp/clinics/events or credit for future use. Once a camp/clinic/event has started, no refunds will be provided.

For Coaching Courses (OSA/NCCP):

No refund will be provided unless the MSA cancels the course.

For regular programming (skills development, leagues, games):

No refunds will be given after:

  • April 1st for the summer season, or
  • September 1st for the fall season, or
  • November 1st for the winter season, or
  • the start of the season, whichever comes first, unless sanctioned by the Registrar and the Treasurer.

An administration fee of $35.00 per player will be levied for any refund request. Refunds will be given only if the clean uniform is returned in good order to the office. Refunds will only be accepted when the MSA Refund Form, completed and signed, has been received by the office administrator. There will be no refund for sessions cancelled due to the Town of Milton closures of fields, inclement weather, player injury or other force majeure.

For Team Registrations (leagues):

No refunds will be given after a team has been registered. The team is responsible for managing all payments by, and refunds to, team members (in case of replacements or substitutes).

For Equipment and Apparel:

No refunds will be given once the product or equipment has been delivered. Club will replace product if it was defective at time of delivery. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect product prior to accepting it.

For Birthday-Party Bookings:

The deposit of $100 is non-refundable. If fee was paid in full at time of booking, refunds less deposit will be made until 14 days prior to the rental date; thereafter, no refund is possible. The full fee is due at least 14 days prior to rental date or the rental will be cancelled.

Special Refund Policies during 2021 related to Provincial COVID-19 measures and any future potential Pandemics:

The MSA follows guidance and policies of the municipality, region, province and its provincial governing body, the OSA. The OSA has clearly laid out three stages for return to play (c.f. ).

Addendum May 23, 2021: IMPORTANT – please read Delayed Program Start dates and Refund Options

The MSA will refund if governing bodies declare that soccer is moving to Stage 1 or that play is to be stopped due to pandemic measures enacted by provincial, municipal, or public health authorities:

  1. if declaration is made before start of play, the registration fee is refunded less $5 handling fee.
  2. If declaration is made after start of play, a refund is determined as follows:

For Youth programs, refunds are per registrant:

      1. $5 per session (game or training)
      2. Number of sessions left in season, excluding season-end events
  • Refund amount equals 1. multiplied by 2.

For Adult programs, refunds are per team:

  1. Cost of referee(s) and Cost of field(s)
  2. Number of games left in season
  • Refund amounts equals ((1 multiplied by 2) divided by 2 teams.
  1. Refunds will be e-transferred to the registrants or team manager’s e-mail on record, with the e-transfer password e-mailed to registrants separately.
  2. Any re-issue of e-transfers due to entering an incorrect password will be less $5 handling fee.

Explanation: Most of a registrant’s fee covers “fixed” costs which are incurred prior to season start, such as OSA and administration fees, coaching education, and uniforms. If a season is abandoned due to governing bodies, only “variable” can be refunded, such as field rentals, coaching stipends and referee fees.

For ALL Sponsorships:

No refund will be provided. Consideration will be given to apply sponsorship to subsequent season if current season is cancelled.

For ALL Refunds:

If payment was made using a credit card, the credit card processing fees will not be refunded.

Fee Structure:

Changes to the fees schedule mentioned here are subject to change without notice.

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