Fall/Winter Registration

Winter (Indoor) Registration 2022-23

Update from Jan 5, 2023: The winter season in the gym starts January 15th and extends to April 16th, with an exception dates of Feb 5 and April 9. Please discard the original schedule (this is due to gym availability at the Milton Sports Centre).

Update from Dec 31, 2022: The Town of Milton Dome deflated on Christmas Eve and town staff decided that it will not be re-built this season. We are refunding all youth players in our skills development program over the next few weeks.

We have created a program for those who still wish to have their child participate in skills development: we offer 60 mins sessions in the gym at the Milton Sports Centre. Players will need gym shoes or sneakers. We will supply special balls required for indoor gym soccer.

Sessions start on the hour on Sundays: 1pm to 6pm. At this point, we will not know exactly which hour your child will start, so please do not register if you have other activities scheduled between 1pm and 7pm. The Winter Season has 12 sessions, which are held on January 15 until April 16, 2023 (except Feb 5 and April 9).

Sessions will be limited to 12 players maximum at a cost of $230 (returning players from the fall season pay $180). Age groups are as follows:

U6-7 Co-ed (born 2016-17)

U8-9 Co-ed (born 2014-15)

U10-11 Co-ed (born 2012-13) 

U12-15 Co-ed (born 2008-11)

AGE CONSIDERATION: The Ontario Soccer Association considers the age of a player during the indoor season as next year’s outdoor age; this is why, for example, a 6 year old today is considered U7 during the indoor season.

COVID: There are currently no restrictions BUT please review the proof of vaccination requirements set out

The Club will move players into other groups if it deems better for their development (for example, a U7 player could be moved into the U8 group, et vice versa).

A uniform will be provided to new players only. The only equipment you need to bring are shin-guards and soccer shoes/sneakers (do NOT wear outdoor shoes).

Registration closes Jan 12th at 6:00PM (EST)!

New Player Registration


BONUS: All new registrants in our winter season will receive a $20 discount for the 2023 Summer Season (does not apply to returning players from the Fall Season).


After submitting your registration online, please send the fee asap to:


And set the password/secret answer to:


While stating your participant’s name in the message field.

Spots are not guaranteed until payment has arrived in our inbox. Spots will be assigned based on first-come-first-served basis, based on the date and timestamp of the etransfer in OUR email inbox. Any registration for which a payment has not been received within 48 hours will be removed from the system to enable others to join.

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