Youth Summer 2021

Summer Outdoor 2021

Soccer Skills Development & Leagues for Youth (for Adult Ladies league, go here…)



(please review COVID-19 related special refund policies here)

Season Overview

Always contact your coach for details and potential changes to plan. Coaches will contact you 7 days before start of season (send us an email if you haven’t been contacted)

AgeBirth YearDay of weekFeeStart DateEnd DateStart time / durationLeague
MU4 (co-ed)*2017Tuesday220May 25, 2021July 27, 202016:30PM / 45 minsHouse league/Lions Park
MU6 (co-ed)*2015-16Thursday230May 27, 2021July 29, 20216:30PM / 55 minsHouse league/Lions Park
MU8 (co-ed)*2013-14Monday +
275May 26, 2021Sep 1, 20216:30PM / 45 minsHouse league/Lions Park
MU10 (co-ed)*2011-12Monday +
290May 26, 2021Sep 1, 20217:30PM / 55 minsEscarpment Soccer League
MU12 (co-ed)*2009-10Tuesday +
315May 26, 2021Sep 2, 20216:30 or 7:30PM / 70 mins
Escarpment Soccer League
BU13-15 (Boys)2006-8Tuesday +
330May 26, 2021Sep 2, 20216:30 or 7:30PM / 90 minsEscarpment Soccer League
GU13-15 (Girls)2006-8TBD twice a week330May 26, 2021Sep 2, 20216:30 or 7:00pm / 90 mins
(some games at 8:45/9pm)
Escarpment Soccer League
Adult Ladies2005 or olderMondaysTeam determinesMay 31, 2021Sep 6, 20217:00pm or 9:00pm / 90 mins
NOTE: No games/training at Lions Park 1 and 2 from Aug 3rd until 7th because Town closes fields for maintenance. No sessions on holidays.
* co-ed groups: if enough girls register, we may create a girls only group. This will not be known until season starts, so be prepared to play co-ed.
%5 Credit Card non-refundable processing fee will be added to online payments. Avoid fee by EFT (ètransfer`) to; set secret answer to MSA2021; state child`s name and birth date in EFT message field;
EFT payment must be sent immediately - timestamps of EFT are used to prioritize registrations . Paying online with a credit card incurs 5% additional non-refundable fee

What are the important dates to remember?

We aim to start the season after Victoria Day. Actual start date may change due to COVID-19 measures. We anticipate to end before Labour Day week-end, again subject to COVID-19 measures, if any. There are no activities on holidays, and on Lions Park field 1 and 2 during the town’s field maintenance period. Rain-outs (if Town closes fields) in U4-U12 cannot be made up; league games in U14+ will be, if possible.

U10 and older age groups participate in the Escarpment Soccer League, with home games in Milton and away games in towns north of the 401 and you will need transportation to and from these clubs.

Game dates are determined by hosting club and are known in May. Details will be posted on the league website  Escarpment Soccer League.

We offer an Adult Ladies League, and any player aged 16 years and older may participate. All games are in Milton.  Go to Adult Team Registration (for team managers) or Adult Indy if you are looking for a team.

Who is coaching my child?

We utilize volunteer and paid coaches, both of whom have been trained through  age appropriate courses delivered by the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA). Coaches have to have a soccer background in order to be able to demonstrate the skills they are teaching. MSA has developed a training plan for the season, which standardizes each training session across teams and provides coaches the proper pathway during the season. This training plan follows the Long-term Player Development (LTPD) guidelines put forth by the Canadian and Ontario Soccer Associations.

Taxes, uniform and player award^, and all governance fees included.

What are MSA’s objectives for your child this summer?

U4s will focus on more fundamental movement skills, touches with the ball, and being part of a team.

U6s will focus on more fundamental movement skills, touches with the ball and 3v3 games.

U8s will start a two-day a week program, with 45 minutes of training and 2*20 mins games. This is when training is paramount to work on ball skills. Games are 5v5 and serve as an introduction to the sport. Players will have fun and make friends on their team. The concept of winning and losing is carefully introduced (no scores – no standings).

U10s train for 55 minutes and play 7v7 games for 2*25 mins. We expect stronger participation in training sessions focusing on passing/receiving/shooting. Rudimentary formations will be introduced. Some FIFA Laws of the Game will be explained.

U12s practice for 70 mins and play 9v9 in a 2*30 mins match. Training focuses on ball handling under pressure of the opponent, decision making, passing over distance, finishing. More complex FIFA Laws of the Game are explained (eg. offside).

U13s and older practice for 80-90 minutes and play 11v11 for 2*40 or 2*45 mins, depending on league requirements. Main focus is moving the ball quickly and accurately, set plays, more complex play, full FIFA laws of the Game. This is when soccer begins. Friendships are ingrained among returning players and new kids make new friends. The concept of team work is introduced and becomes apparent to all.

U18s: It’s game time! Players in this age group are typically busy with other life-work events but still like to play and stay in shape. Players join the MSA Adult league and all games are on local fields.

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